Roberta King, former Middle School Head

Bill McQuade and I shared Division Head responsibilities at Hun for many years. During that time, I came to appreciate Bill's steady approach to problem solving and his optimistic belief in people and solutions. Most significant was the way he framed his entire approach to every academic endeavor around one central question. What is best for the student?

He truly cared about our students. They put the pep in his step and the smile on his face. Bill was an exceptional math teacher, an inspiring coach, a conscientious Division Head and a dedicated member of the Hun School Administration.
I remember well how as the academic year began to wind down and the miracle of spring marked the final season of the year - Bill changed.
The sight of the Hun baseball uniform, the warming sun in the sky, the sound of the bat, the skill of the pitcher, the courage of the catcher, the growth of the team - each of these boosted Bill's enthusiasm and broadened his smile.
This end of year vibrancy helped some of us understand why he insisted on coaching as an integral part of his Hun commitment. I used to say – ‘give it up, Bill. It's time to give it up. Who coaches for forty or fifty years?’
And now, amazingly I find I'm joining all who wish him a future of health and happiness and many, many more extra innings.
I thank Bill for his collegial guidance, support and encouragement. I applaud him for his years of service and achievement at The Hun School of Princeton.