William Long, former Dean of Students

I always felt that Bill McQuade set the “tone” at the school. His philosophy began with a respect for oneself and others, and the priority always that what was best for the students was the priority in everything we were trying to accomplish.
I greatly appreciated my working relationship with Bill, for we interacted frequently in his role as Head of the Upper School and mine as Dean of Students. I would often drop into his office to talk about school and non-school related matters after my early morning walks around the school. Our values are similar, so we were usually in step no matter how sticky the issue. Bill was not only a good boss, but also a true friend!
In addition to our administrative duties, we were both coaches, and for years we also taught in classrooms next to each during the same period every day. I know very little about math, but could always tell from the reactions of Bill's students that he was an excellent teacher!

My memories of Bill began in the early 1970s. I was The Pennington School’s athletic director and drove over to watch the baseball team play at Hun. What struck me way back then was the high degree of enthusiasm displayed by their coach; it was obvious he was having the time of his life, and that his players were enjoying themselves also! I thought to myself at the time that this is the type of leader that I would have enjoyed playing for!