Lauren McQuade '93

To my coach, my teacher, my cheerleader, and my dad.

Congratulations on an amazing career – and congratulations to Hun for the honor of having you on their team all these years. Growing up at Hun, watching you teach and coach showed me what a “calling” looked like – and what joy and passion and drive looked like rolled up together.

As a tiny kid, I loved going to your practices (and putting on the spare catcher’s gear…?!) and watching you. I got to eavesdrop on team pep talks and coaches meetings – learning all there was to know about leadership, competition, loyalty, and fun. As an elementary schooler sitting next to you at the dining room table alongside you grading the papers of your best students – I learned that I too wanted to be “the cream of the crop.” And later, when I would hang out in the math lounge like I belonged there, with you and Mr. Stout (no wimps) and the Davises (pre-Davises), I would get to see you in your element – laughing with the other teachers and squeezing in quick tutor sessions with students in between classes. And, eh hem, occasionally helping me cram for my next test. Most of all, I remember driving to school every day and stopping to buy a newspaper, then pouring over every detail of the high school sports section. Then we would joyfully dissect yesterday’s games and strategize and prep for the upcoming ones. I was lucky enough to have the best dad – that happened to be the best teacher and the best coach that I have ever had. I love you. Enjoy your retirement - it's always a good day for two!