Kevin Duvin '80

Coach McQuade has always had that unique ability to challenge you to be your best, while at the same time making your journey to that goal all about having fun. Whether he was teaching a Geometry class or coaching on the diamond, Coach McQuade's enthusiasm and dedication to his students and his players was unmistakable and ever-present. There was no problem too big to solve and no opponent too good to beat. Coach McQuade only thought positive and we went into every class and every game knowing we could succeed and win. As a youth basketball and baseball coach, I’ve taken many pages from Coach’s book over the years in order to instill the same enthusiasm and enjoyment of the game in my players that Coach instilled in all of us. It was certainly a privilege to have been taught and coached by Coach McQuade and I look back on those experiences as some of my most cherished Hun memories.

Best of luck on a well-earned retirement, Coach !